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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is similar to a Swedish massage that uses gentle...

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Therapeutic Pain Relief

Research shows massage therapy can be an effective part of pain relief ...

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Equestrian Massage

Focused Massage Therapies has developed a therapeutic massage...

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Massage for the Hairstylist

Hairstylists, barbers, colorists, and assistants in the hair industry, all...

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions about what to expect when you come for your...

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Why Massage?

Massage Therapy is no longer just for those who seek an relaxation...

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A Massage Therapist Prayer

Let me dedicate my life today,
to the care of those,
who come my way.

Let me touch each one
with healing hands,
and the gentle art,
for which it stands.

Let the divine force
flow from me to you,
let spirit renew.

And when tonight,
when day is done,
let me rest in peace,
if I helped just one.

~Author Unknown

Welcome to Focused Massage Therapies


  • I Highly Recommend

    Cassandra is very skilled & will tailor the session to your needs. I always feel better afterwards. I highly recommend her for massage therapy, you won't regret it!

  • No More Spasms!

    As a hairstylist for over 40 years, I had developed muscle spasms which prevented me from continuing on in my trade. Cassandra Hill's knowledge of muscle therapy has worked wonders for me. I am now able to continue on in my profession with no pain and no spasms ! 

    David Whetstone

My Vision

Here at Focused Massage Therapies I am dedicated to providing everything necessary to help you achieve wellness.