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Equine Massage

equine massage

Massage for your Athletic Teammate

Equine massage can have a profound effect on the nervous system of the horse. Some of the benefits of equine massage therapy, to name just a few, are pain relief, stimulation of the motor nerves, relief from restlessness and sleep disturbance, and improved proprioception. Massage is also thought to help calm nervous horses or horses in unfamiliar surroundings and/or stressful conditions.

From the moment the equine massage practitioner initiates touch, he/she is sending messages to the horses nervous system through the skin. The nervous system communicates using electrical signals, which travel throughout the body. The Golgi tendon apparatus can be used to chemically initiate an electrical message in order to address a muscle spasm. As well, this electrical communication system can be used to re-educate the muscles in efficient movement and the nerves to recognize correct posture.

Equine massage can also be used to cause the body to release endorphins, which aide in pain relief and a sense of well-being. This can also have a direct effect on the hypothalmus, which controls the ANS (autonomic nervous system). Pain, stress and emotional experiences are all known to affect hypothalmic activity, and hence the ANS. Therefore, if pain is reduced, the body is under less stress, and this can lead to positive chemical changes within the body.

As well as the numerous physiological benefits to the nervous system listed above, equine massage can also improve circulation, hair coat and muscle tone; improve recovery time from workouts; increase flexibility; aide in the recovery from injury; reduce the chance for future injury; support  the immune system; and not to mention that it just down right feels good!

Equine Massage Advantage

The key to getting the most from your massage program is not to wait until you’re tired or injured. MASSAGE THERAPY SHOULD BE A REGULAR PART OF YOUR SCHEDULE. Here are ten great reasons. Regular massage will:

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Relief From Restlessness and Sleep Disturbances
  3. Improved Proprioception
  4. Stress Relief
  5. More Efficient Movement
  6. Improved Posture, Circulation, Hair Coat, Muscle Tone
  7. Increased Flexibility and Range Of Motion
  8. Immune System Support
  9. Injury Prevention
  10. Increased Benefits When Used In Conjunction With Chiropractic and/or Acupuncture