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Office Policies

Focused Massage Therapies, LLC, is an office dedicated to bringing massage therapists together with a common goal of helping clients. It is our absolute intention to provide top notch and personal care. Each therapist has their own set of policies for their practice, but there are a few general and simple guidelines for the office. 

Please be respectful to all the therapists that work in this space and their time that they have set aside for you.

Please arrive at least five to ten minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment. This allows time to fill out the board of health’s required health history form and it also allows the therapists time to ask specific questions about any health issues, or your specific body needs for that day.

If you are running late, please contact the therapist who you are scheduled with to let them know and to figure out a plan of action and to see if they have flexibility before their next client.

Office Sign

 If it is your first time coming to our office, we would like to remind you that our building is set back from the road but we do have a sign by Geryville Pike by our driveway entrance. Please allow a little extra time for finding us!

We are located at 2771 Geryville Pike, Pennsburg, Pa 18073. We share a building with Upper Perk Family Dental, P.C. and Ireck, Eberhardt & Mientus, INC. Our Studio is the located down the driveway to the left. Just follow the signs for Focused Massage Therapies.

Please note that I do lock the front door while in session for security purposes. If the doors are locked when you arrive, we will be with you shortly. We look forward to serving you!